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Character of the Month

December (click on a pic to see larger size)

Drawn by Paula
Mic transformation
Drawn by Taletha

Name: Michaela Sue Alan Title: Detective Age: 5 (24)

DOB: __________ Place of Birth: Baliski, Maine

Height: 5’5” Weight: 125 pounds

Hair: Auburn Eyes: Green Complexion: Tan Sex: F Race: White Nationality: American

Distinguished Feature/s: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Former Occupation:

Current Occupation: Detective

Legal Status: No Criminal Record

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Father Steve Alan, Biological Mother Salandra Alan, Step Mother Gayle Jefferson, and Son Kurtis Tyger Alan

Confidants: Invisible Force, Partner Kristina Kelly Christopher, Boss Zonah Banks, and Sara Pezzini

Enemies: Gayle Jefferson

Base of Operation: Invisible Mansion

Education: Maine Police Academy #4 Graduate, A.S. Political Science at U.M., and BS Chemistry at NYU

Powers/Fighting skills: Genetic: Super Detection and Immortal, Object Powered: “Emerald Tiger” choker that Steve gave her after being thrown into the well by Gayle. Instead of being killed she grew up from an infant to a grown woman. The “Emerald Tiger” turns her into a tiger when she needs it or is mad. She is also a master swordswoman.

Mic Shooting
Drawn by Taletha
Mic in police uniform
drawn by Taletha
Being Catty
drawn by Taletha
Steve and Sal kiss
drawn by Paula